Anal Punisher - Remote Control Butt Plug Massager
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Anal Punisher - Remote Control Butt Plug Massager

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✅ Powerful Anal Vibrations To Get That Coveted "Sissygasm"

✅ Designed For Cucks, Sissies, & Betas To Experience Anal

✅ Wireless Control - So Your Mistress Can Control You With The Push Of A Button!

The Anal Punisher is here!

Take things to the next level with the most powerful butt plug you'll ever use. 

Completely equipped with remote control capability, the Anal Punisher (affectionaly known as the "AP") will deliver that hands free prostate orgasm for your cuck. 

Just insert the insert small (but powerful) bullet vibrator into the AP. Then, cycle through one of the 10 unique vibration patterns to make him squeal like a pig!

The Anal Punisher is no ordinary butt plug. Come experience it for yourself...

Features include: 

  • 10 unique vibration/stimulation patterns
  • Remote control capability
  • Small detachable bullet vibrator
  • USB rechargeable
  • Ergonomic designed medical grade silicone

Each package comes with:

  • The anal plug
  • Small bullet vibrator (goes inside the plug)
  • Small wireless remote control
  • Charging accessories

Note: this product is water resistant (suitable for washing/cleaning the toy), but not waterproof. Please do not submerge it under water in a pool or Jacuzzi. 

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