Why Cucks Need To Earn Their Orgasms!

A while ago I tweeted something along the lines of "all men must earn their orgasms."

And I stand by that premise. 

Most men are like new puppy dogs that need to be trained.

Not all of them come out of the box ready for action - instead it's more like "some assembly required."

And chastity is how you train your man. If you want them to perform a certain behavior, you have to train them to do so. 

Here are 3 reasons why cucks need to earn their orgasms!

1. Controlling His Orgasm Controls His Behavior

The easiest way to control a man is through his cock (whether that's through chastity or not).

And controlling him by his cock allows you to reshape his behavior.

You'd be surprised by what a man will do to get out of chastity.

That's why you should ONLY let him out when he does something right - as a "reward" of sorts.

Chastity is great because it makes his orgasms much rarer. And when things are rare, they become a lot more valuable. 

Just think about it...if you could have ice cream for dinner, would it really be special?

If you could go on vacation whenever you want, wouldn't it lose it's appeal? 

If you could go to the beach in the Caribbean every day, it would lose it's "specialness" 

With men, it's exactly the same with their orgasms.

They won't appreciate it as much. And they won't take care of you as much if they know they can cum whenever they want. 

So that's why chastity is a great solution to this. Chastity helps men focus. And it helps them put your needs ahead of theirs. 

Your needs become their needs. 

Chastity and orgasm denial really help men take care of their women. 

Why Cucks Need To Earn Their Orgasms!

2. It's More Fun This Way...

Honestly, not letting a man cum is probably the funniest thing ever.

It's such a high to tease someone to the brink of insanity and then stop everything with a simple "no".

P.S. If you're looking for some really fun chastity games for your marriage, check out this blog post!

Anyways, if you ever did a poll between "free men" and men locked in chastity, I would say the later would have MUCH happier marriages and relationships. 

Allowing him to earn his orgasm makes things a lot more fun around the house. It almost turns your sex life into a game of sorts.

And what's life without more fun? :)

So the lesson here is to lock him up and REALLY make him earn that orgasm.



3. He'll Be Much More Eager To Please You

Finally, the last reason to ONLY let a man cum after he has earned it is because he'll be SO much more eager to please you.

Has he been locked in chastity for 3 weeks?

Well, those dirty dishes will soon magically become clean.

That trash that's been sitting there all week? Well, it'll be dumped soon.

What about the floor that hasn't been vacuumed since the beginning of the month?

Well, he'll get started on that too.

In fact, he'll really go "above and beyond" to keep you happy. That's why its super important to really make him earn that release from chastity.

How Does He Earn A Release?

Now one question you may have is how does he earn an orgasm from chastity?

Well, it really depends on what you want to establish as the rules.

Maybe it's something that's spelled out really black and white like:

  • Give me 5 orgasms
  • Do X chores around the house

Or it could be something a little more qualitative like "when I feel like it" based on no specific metric.

It's really up to you and both methods have their pros and cons.


Final Thoughts On Why Cucks Must Earn Their Orgasms

Overall, I'm a VERY firm believer that men MUST earn their orgasms from chastity.

Just willy nilly handing out orgasms encourages lazy behavior.

Men must be trained. And chastity is like all tools - it's effectiveness depends on the wielder (keyholder).

So, what are your thoughts on this topic? Do you agree with me? Have anything to disagree or add? Let me know in the comments!

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