FLR Guide: 6 Ways To Be More Dominant In The Bedroom

Some ladies wonder how to be dominant in the bedroom.

After all, in a female led relationship your husband/boyfriend wants you to take the reins.

I'm a firm believers that being "dominant" isn't something you're born with.

It's something that must be practiced and fine tuned. Everyone has a different definition of what it truly means to be dominant.

Here are some ways in which you can learn how to be dominant in the bedroom.

A Few Basics of Domination

Let's go over a few basics first before getting into some other ideas.

Being dominant is not necessarily about being "mean" or "bossy."

Sure, some guys love to be told they're bitches. However, what they really want is a confident woman.

How do you be confident? Well, body language tells a lot.

Look him in the eyes. Let him know you mean business.

Don't hesitate when you want something. Be the first to initiate things in the bedroom.

You want him to eat your pussy? Don't skirt around the issue!

Push his head down and order him to eat you.

Grab his hair to let him know he should go faster!

Here are 6 ways to be more dominant around the bedroom...

1. Order Him Around

Guys that want female led relationships are naturally submissive. And guess what? They love to be bossed around!

A great foreplay activity is to order him around. Make him get you a glass of wine and draw a nice, warm bath.

Order him to rub  your feet with some lotion.

This is a perfect way to reward your man if he has a big foot fetish.

If you're feeling up to it, have him give you a pedicure.

Don't be nervous or hesitant when you order him around. He wants you to be confident when you boss him.

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2. Set The Rules

One of the great aspects of female led relationships is that you set the rules.

When you set the rules, he knows you are in charge. What could be more sexy than that?

Here are a few ideas for some rules you can set around the house:

  • He must be naked at all times when company is not around
  • He must kneel down when you snap your fingers
  • All chores are his responsibility
  • The toilet seat MUST remain down!
  • He must give you daily foot rubs and massages :)
  • Your needs always come first

3. Discipline Him!

What happens to bad boys who don't follow orders?

They get Punished of course!

Discipline is a great way to dominate your hubby/boyfriend. In fact, I've already wrote about this in great detail.

Punishments can be doled out in one of two ways....pain or teasing.

Both are effective, but it really depends on your mood.

If you're feeling a little sadistic go with the pain route.

Spank him a few times. Slap his balls around. Really show him who is the boss!

If you're feeling naughty and kinky go for the tease route.

Bring him to the edge of orgasm multiple times, but don't let him cum. It's called tease and denial for a reason!

FLR Guide 6 Ways To Be More Dominant In The Bedroom

4. Tie Him Down

Bondage is an excellent way to exert dominance on someone.

There are a ton of tools to accomplish this.

You can use handcuffs, rope, spreader bars, and much more.

Here's an idea...hand cuff him to the bed post with his hands overhead.

Now he can't protect himself. Maybe he's ticklish so you go in and tickle his sides.

Tip: When he's tied down it is a perfect time to ruin his orgasm. Don't be shy; really ruin it and make him scream!

There's a reason why people associate BDSM with handcuffs and leather.

The feeling of vulnerability will make him very submissive. Try it out and see what happens :)

5. Name Calling

Pretend you're back in grade school. Name calling is the game.

What better way to diminish someone than name calling?

Here are a list of fun names to call him:

  • Bitch
  • Slave
  • Slut
  • Foot boy
  • Sissy
  • Footslave
  • Whore
  • Loser

If you want to be extra kinky use some of these nicknames in public.

I'm sure "slut" or "sissy" will turn a lot of heads!

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6. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

One of our favorite games is playing with a sharpie. It's so much fun.

Okay here's how it works.

Order him to write something on himself.

It can be anything you want, but make sure it is humiliating.

Here are a few ideas:

  • "Your Name's" Bitch Slave (i.e. Emily's Bitch Slave)
  • Slut/Whore
  • Small dicked loser
  • Foot slut

The best body parts to write something humiliating include the face and chest.

Keep in mind that this game doesn't have to always happen in the bedroom.

Text him at work one day and tell him to escape to the bathroom.

Then order him to write something naughty on his body.

Make sure he takes pictures as proof!

Oh and if you're going to the beach or a pool party or anything like that be sure to wash everything off!

Here's another fun idea:

Do you have chores that need to be done?

Write them on his chest then send him off to complete them!

When he finishes a particular chore cross it off or use a check mark.

He must not wash off the chores until he finishes them all!

That'll give him extra motivation to stay focused!

Final Thoughts

To be dominant you only need to be confident. There's no need to be overly bitchy or mean or anything like that.

Being confident can be achieved through the ways I just talked about.

Have fun with these game ideas and I hope these tips help you become more dominant in the bedroom.

Stay safe and play naughty!

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