9 Fun Chastity Games For Your Cuckold Marriage

Here are 9 fun male chastity games to bring that goose bump level excitement in your marriage again!

I love chastity and femdom games. 

If you aren't aware of the benefits of male chastity, check out my post here.

It will seriously do wonders for your marriage!

Plus it will totally spice up the kink factor 10x.

Never have boring sex again when you get a chastity cage!

Here are 9 REALLY fun male chastity games for couples of all levels.

check out my post here!

1. Ice Baby, Ice!

Ice and chastity go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Put his chastity key into a clear bucket of water and place it in the fridge.

Now, when he goes to the freezer he'll be reminded of where his key is!

Keep him locked up in there for an entire week.

In the mean time, give him some humiliating tasks that involve going to the freezer.

Have him go in there to get some ice for your tea :)

Throughout the week, keep track and count how many times he has given you an orgasm.

At the end of the week, pull out the ice with his chastity key inside.

He'll have 2 minutes for every orgasm he gave you to try to melt the damn thing with his body and pull the key out!

If he can't do it in the allotted time, then too bad! Maybe we'll play another game next week :)

2. Pussy Fucking

After being locked up for so long, your man must want to fuck your pussy right?

He'll be fucking pussy tonight!....just not yours! Get a nice pocket pussy and tell him to hump it with the chastity cage.

He'll barely be able to feel anything.

It is seriously the funniest thing to watch a grown man fuck a fleshlight in a chastity cage.

For femdom couples that love humiliation, this is a great activity.

If he's been locked up long enough, he might be able to even cum with that little stimulation.

Be careful and make sure he doesn't cum by accident!


3. Shocking Sissy Fun!

There are a few variations of this chastity game so it will suit wife led couples of all levels.

Dress your man up in some kind of sissy outfit.

I would highly recommend a French maid outfit.

Make sure he wears a pair of high heels to add to the humiliation!

He will be your sissy cleaning slave today.

He MUST do any chore you don't want to do. This includes dusting, mopping floors, laundry, the dishes...and much more!

Incorporating femdom play into the daily chores of your house is a great idea. 

What will you be doing this entire time?

Well, you'll be relaxing with a glass of wine and reading a magazine or watching some T.V.

He must return to you after completing every chore.

After he completes a chore, give him a little chastity tease.

Maybe give him a blowjob with the cage on. Play with his balls a little and pinch them.

If he fucks up on something, that will deserve a big punishment!

Some ideas include spankings, floggings, or extra days in chastity! For a great list of punishments, check out my guide here.

9 Fun Chastity Games For Your Cuckold Marriage

4. Fucking In Chastity

Who says you can't fuck in chastity?

I LOVE fucking in chastity.

There are a few ways to go about this like using strapons...

Have your boyfriend/husband put on a strapon and fuck your pussy like he would normally.

This is a really submissive (and humiliating position for him).

Don't worry about what he's feeling. It's all about you. It's all about your pleasure!

Seriously, the sound of the lock clicking back and forth against his chastity cage will really make your pussy wet!

Go on to have a 2 - 3 hour sex marathon.

Count the time your sissy has given you an orgasm. After that, take off the strapon and let him fuck you with the cage on.

He will only earn a minute in your pussy for every orgasm he gave you!

If you're going to try this game, we would highly recommend going with a steel chastity cage.

This makes the tease more excruciating when he's inside you!

5. Bondage games!

Bondage is so much fun!

I absolutely love playing with handcuffs, ropes, links, and so much more! Tie your man up against the bed with some rope.

Tie him down and really go to down on him! Tease his chastity cage.

Give him a teasing blowjob or a handjob. Stick that cage in your pussy.

Make sure to tie him against the bed tightly so he can't get loose! For a little added extra tease and denial, tie a vibrating pullet around his balls.

It'll keep him nice and hard in that cage. Meanwhile, you'll sit on his face while he eats out your pussy to multiple orgasms!

If he does a good job of eating you out, maybe you'll let him out to cum!

By the way here's another idea to put that bondage set to good use:

Next time he doesn't want to go shopping with you tie him to the bed.

Put a pair of your panties on his nose and tie a vibrating bullet to his balls.

Then take his credit card and go to the mall and shop! It will be a very excruciating tease for him.

Serves him right for not wanting to take you to the mall!


6. Playing With His Balls

The amazing thing about chastity is that after a while, your balls will swell up with cum.

Think about not releasing after an intense tease and denial sessions for 2 weeks!

Personally, my balls get very big and swollen after about a week and a half of teasing with no release.

That’s when things get really interesting. I love the sensation of blue balls.

The feeling of complete helplessness is very sexy for a lot of submissive men.

Plus, it really makes the balls sensitive. Use your hands or a vibrator to massage his balls.

Trust me, he’ll thank you later for this. Plus, it can be a very good way to tease him and make his balls even bigger :)

7. The "Best" Blowjob

Have you ever counted how many times your man has asked you for a blowjob?

It always seems like too many, right? Well, why don’t you finally grant him his wish?

Oh and I just forgot a little detail…give him a blowjob with the chastity cage on.

This is the ultimate tease because he won’t be able to feel your warm tongue teasing his locked up dick.

It’s the ultimate tease and denial treatment!

Pro tip:

Use if you want to give him some sensations, run your tongue over his balls or even suck on them. He’ll be so hard in that little cage that he might even break it!

Another fun idea is to play around with the head. Most good chastity cages will have a decent sized pee hole.

If he’s hard enough, his skin may even expand past the hole. Use your tongue to tease that skin. It is a totally indescribable feeling.


8. A Sexy Footjob

If your man has a big foot fetish, he’s going to love this. Use your toes and play with his balls.

Maybe pinch them a little bit with your toes.

He will go insane. Many guys with a foot fetish also love the smell of female feet.

Make him smell your foot while you use the other one to tease his balls or give him a handjob.

Another fun thing is to have him suck on your toes.

Make sure he does a good job and keep them clean or else you’ll keep him locked up longer :)

9. Vibrator Teasing Fun

I think that a vibrator is one of the most underutilized toys when teasing in chastity. A lot of couples only see the vibrator as a tool to get the girl off during sex.

However, it can be a very cruel toy to keep a man in a constant state of arousal and pain :)

There are a few ways we like to use a vibrator. First, using it on the balls is a lot of fun.

As I mentioned before, when he hasn’t cum in a while, his balls will swell up and become very sensitive.

Put the vibrator against his balls and he will be in heaven.

Some guys can even cum with that sensation so be careful not to drive him too far!

Another fun thing to do is putting the vibrator against the actual cock cage part of the chastity belt.

This well send pleasurable vibrations across his entire shaft.

It typically won’t be enough sensation to cum, so it’s a very nice (and cruel) way to tease him.

Finally, a little known spot that brings extra pleasure with vibrator/chastity play is putting the vibrator between the cock cage and the balls.

This way, you hit two birds with one stone.

You stimulate sensations on his balls and on the cock cage itself. Usually only smaller vibrating dildos can work for this.

Hopefully these games spark other chastity game ideas for your relationship! As always, have fun and stay safe!