Why You Should Consider Chastity: 9 Benefits Of Chastity For Your Marriage!

Committing to chastity can be a little difficult for some couples, but it is ultimately worth it.

I'm a firm believer of incorporating chastity in female led relationships.

Femdom is all about the transfer of power.

Believe it or not, men LOVE to be dominated. It is something programmed into their brains.

This is especially true if your man is in a position of power at work.

If he bosses people around all day it gets kind of old. It almost becomes a burden.

That’s why it’s nice to just sit back and let someone drive for once.

Chastity is the ultimate release from that power.

While he may be locked, it is the ultimate liberation. It will do wonders for your marriage/relationship.

Here are 9 big benefits of chastity in female led relationships:

1. It will save your marriage

Do you ever wonder why people cheat?

I mean when you’re head over heels in the beginning of a relationship or even within the first few years of marriage it seems like a crime.

When you have the same old boring sex with someone, things can get a little stale and that’s usually when cheating begins.

Incorporating a little femdom into the lifestyle can help spice things up.

Seriously, there are so many games to play when you have your man locked up in chastity.

Suddenly, everything becomes so much more intense and intimate.

The exchange of power is absolutely exhilarating.

Trust me when I say this: Nothing will save your marriage faster than locking up your man in chastity!

Chastity builds incredible communication and trust between both partners and it will make your marriage so much stronger.

It is FAR more effective than hiring a $300+ per-hour therapist with a Harvard degree.

How many of us can afford that anyways!



2. Chastity will make him appreciate you more

When your man is locked up in chastity, he almost immediately becomes more attuned to your needs.

He become more docile, obedient, and loving.

This is because chastity takes his attention away from his genitals and onto your needs.

Those dirty dishes from the prior night….the laundry from last week…or even the dirty garage will suddenly be cleaned!

He’ll even listen to you talk about your day!

When he is locked up, he will be extra obedient in the hopes that you let him out.

When a man is in chastity, he will be SO much easier to control.

A chastity cage will make a man so much more attentive.

He will really transform into a more caring person.

3. The power exchange is thrilling

My favorite part about femdom is the power exchange.

What is more thrilling than literally controlling someone’s cock?

And what could be more thrilling than being at someone's mercy?

The two extremes creates a one of a kind experience for your sex life.

You decide when they are free. You decide when he cums.

That kind of power is capable of making any woman wet!

For a man, the thrill of being at someone’s complete mercy will make him harder than ever.

Being helpless and locked up is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

9 big benefits of chastity for your relationship

4. More intense orgasms!

When a man is locked up, he obviously won’t be able to fuck you.

That just means he’ll be much more capable to satisfy you in other ways.

Like the blind person who develops heightened sense of smell/hearing, your man will develop enhanced skills!

If you keep your man locked up enough, he’ll be a pro pussy eater! 

He’ll learn how to give you the most amazing orgasms with his tongue and lips.

You know why? Because your pleasure is the key to get him out of chastity.

He will be working overtime to make sure you have the most intense orgasms!

A quick question for the guys reading this post: have you ever gone a week without jerking off or having sex?

Ever notice how your orgasm is so much more intense?

Well, when you’ve been locked up in chastity the sensation is about 10x more intense.

When your keyholder finally lets you cum after a long lockup, you’ll blow within seconds (not kidding).

The longer you are locked up, the more intense the orgasm will be!

Chastity is a win-win for both partners in the orgasm department!

5. Creates better trust in the marriage

One of the big benefits of chastity is that it builds a lot of trust between both partners.

No, I’m not talking about locking him up to prevent him from cheating.

This goes back to the whole power exchange idea.

Getting locked up requires a lot of trust. What if you lose the key?

What if you never let him out?

Chastity will make your relationship so much more loving, caring, and better. Don’t knock on it until you try it!Locked forever:


6. Chastity Allows Him To Concentrate Better

One of the ironic benefits of chastity is it allows him to concentrate better.

Sure, for the first few days or maybe even a week, things can take a while to adjust.

He sure as hell won't be able to play with his dick the same way anymore and that can be a big tease.

However, he accepts being locked up things become much easier.

After about a week, he'll stop constantly thinking about being locked up.

This allows him to focus energy on more important tasks.

Most guys typically experience a significant increase in productivity while in chastity.

They become better workers on the job.

Maybe you'll finally get that house project done. Chastity provides men with much needed focus.

Channel the extra sexual energy into more productivity hobbies, projects, or other avenues.

7. Gives Him Focus And Purpose

Let's be honest...

Guys spend a lot of time masturbating and day dreaming.

That time could be better spent doing chores around the house or taking you shopping or spending more time with you.

An hour long jerk session is really a waste of time.

When he's all locked up, he'll be much more focused and driven.

Lock him up for his own good!

8. Lose Weight

As I have long preached, chastity is a great motivator. Your man will do anything to get out once locked.

This is a great way to get him to exercise more.

In fact...a chastity lock down might even make a great fitness program!

Alright...let's not get too carried away.

However, some couples do set exercise goals while in chastity. It's a really great motivator.

For example...let him out of chastity after he loses 5 or 10 pounds.

With the extra time on his hands saved from jerking off, he'll be so much more concentrated and motivated to hit the gym.

Who knows...he might look like a body builder by the time his lockup is done!

We tried this fun little experiment last year and Andy lost about 7 pounds in a few weeks!For her pleasure


9. The Romance Returns

You know how sometimes the romance fizzles away after a while?

Well after being together for decades, it can be hard for the fire to keep burning.

Chastity can really help with this.

When your hubby/boyfriend knows he can have sex with you whenever, he stops romancing you.

When the lock comes on, he won't be able to escape until you're satisfied.

He'll take you to nice restaurants, romantic dates, and much more!

Long term male chastity will really bring back that fire!

Final thoughts on the benefits of male chastity

Male chastity is a wonderful thing for any marriage.

However, the rules of chastity in the marriage should be clearly defined.

Before you start this incredible journey, set some ground rules like:

  • How long he is to be locked up?
  • Will he get out early for good behavior?
  • Setting up a cleaning schedule (maintaining clean genitals with chastity can sometimes be difficult)

Overall, chastity will make your sex life so much more enjoyable.

Give it a try and you'll never go back to regular sex!

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