8 Ways To Have Fun With Your Female Led Relationship

These days people get divorced A LOT (and sometimes for stupid reasons).

Don’t worry though! I’m about to share some fun fetishes and games for your FLR.

With many couples…I think many of their problems can be solved if their sex life was a lot better.

In fact, I’d wager that most couples’ sex lives are super boring.

They probably just switch between missionary, cow girl, and maybe 69 if they’re feeling “freaky”.

A bad sex life is a bad marriage. And there’s no reason why you should fall into that trap…especially if you’ve found my blog!

So, how can you improve your marriage? Well, the first thing is try a female led relationship (FLR) of course!

Here are some fetishes and games for your FLR so your sex life will NEVER be boring again!

1. Public Play

Public play is so much fun. In fact, I think public sex is WAY hotter than any hotel room sex.

There's something so naughty about doing it in public.

Maybe it's the thought that you can be caught at any point. Or maybe it's the fact that you're doing it in a place that is "taboo."

Anyways, public play doesn't even have to be just sex. It can be things like teasing.

Play footsie underneath the table at the restaurant. Give him a footjob while he's ordering from the menu so the waitress think he's a babbling idiot.

You can also try some public humiliation as well.

Make him get on his knees and massage your feet and kiss them in public. Take him down a peg in front of the nice waitress at the restaurant.

Have him carry your bags and purse while shopping.

...well you get the idea at this point.

Incorporate your sex life in public and you'll never have a dull moment!



2. Chastity

I've already talked about the benefits of chastity numerous times before.

But I felt like it should be brought up again. Sometimes guys need to be locked up in chastity.

If they're not locked up, they jerk off too much and their minds are distracted.

Locking him up in chastity will make him focus more...it will make him more driven.

And most importantly of all, it will make him entirely focused on your needs...on your pleasures.

Chastity will do wonders for a marriage and it's worth a ton more than any marriage counselor from Harvard or other snotty Ivy League school!

3. Femdom Rules

Every relationship and marriage should be defined by rules. Maybe they don't need to be physically written down, but at least talk about it.

What are the rules of your FLR?

They can be anything you want...after all no two couples are exactly the same.

Find out what works for you.

If you want some help, here are some cuck duties I feel that are necessary in a marriage.

And here are some rules for a cuckold marriage I wrote a while back.

Rules are not only important, but they can be sexy at times.

4. Cuckolding

Most people that have NO idea of what cuckolding is think it is cheating.

It IS NOT cheating. Cheating is when you're sneaking behind someone's back...when you're doing it without their consent.

Cuckolding is exactly the opposite.

It's all about the trust in both of the people involved. And cuckolding is all about consent.

Most people can't wrap their minds around that, but there IS a difference.

Anyways, I have written about the benefits of cuckolding many times in the past.

Cuckolding opens the door for a lot of unique and fun sexual activities between the both of you.

And you could spend your life exploring this fetish and lifestyle and still be doing new things.

I think that's one of the things that is appealing about it.

8 Ways To Have Fun With Your Female Led Relationship

5. Pain

No pain no gain, right?

I think introducing some pain in a relationship is a lot of fun.

And no, I'm not talking about sending someone to the hospital or whipping them until they're black and blue.

But I'm talking about light to moderate pain.

You know...things like biting during sex...or CBT/ballbusting...or spanking!

Pain can be used as both a reward and a punishment. And just for the record, clothespins on his balls is a very effective punishment!

Try incorporating some pain play into your relationship. It'll make things A LOT more interesting than the boring old stuff you're doing :)

6. Foot Fetish

I'm honestly appalled by the women who "hate" their own feet or "hate" on foot fetishes.

I mean what could be better than having a footboy at your beck and call?

I mean don't your feet hurt after walking around all day?

Don't you wish you could put your feet on someone?

Incorporating a foot fetish into your marriage is super fun.

There are so many things you can do. And to be honest, taking care of your feet is an incredibly fun thing to do.

And it's fun to tease him with them in public too :)


7. Sex Toys

Every couple should have their favorite sex toys. And sex toys aren't just for when your partner isn't around.

They can add A LOT to your fun in the bedroom.

Maybe it's a naughty vibrator or something more intense like a big black strapon or handcuffs.

But sex toys can change the dynamic of your bedroom, depending on what you're shooting for.

8. Eating Booty

I think eating ass is pretty main stream nowadays. But I still felt like it should be put on this list.

Eating ass is incredibly sexy.

And it can be humiliating sometimes (for obvious reasons). So it adds a lot to your bedroom activities.

And eating booty ensures you'll be hitting the gym frequently to make sure your ass is nice, big, and tight!


Ways To Have More Fun With Your FLR - Final Thoughts

Overall, you DON'T have to fall into the trap of "going through the motions" when it comes to your sex life.

Spice things up and include some of these fun fetishes and games.

Seriously, if you follow this list, you should never have a dull moment in your sex life.

And if you have a sexy sex life you'll have a very happy relationship!