8 Fun and Naughty Ideas To Improve Your Wife Led Marriage

One of the things I love about a female led relationship is that there's so many things you can do.

You can play with chastity do some sexy role playing or even engage in cuckolding.

The sky is really the limit. And that's what this post is all about!

Here are some great ideas to improve your female led relationship (FLR).

1. Public play

Oh My God!

Is there anything hotter than playing around in public?

Even if it's something as simple as footsie under the table, I find it so exciting.

In fact, after a little public play, I typically find myself horny and ready to have some hot sex.

There's so many things you can do in public from massaging/kissing feet to playing around with sex toys to downright public humiliation.

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2. Chastity

I love chastity! In fact, I think it's the best thing for your marriage.

Chastity really changes the dynamic in your marriage.

You're no longer thinking about your dick, but thinking about how to please your girlfriend/wife.

And there are a ton of games you can play with chastity, including tease and denial and even ruined orgasms!

3. Some pain

What's life without some pain?

Pain can be very pleasureful if used properly!

Don't worry, you don't have to have a high pain tolerance to have fun in your FLR.

Some ideas for including some pain in your relationship, include:

  • Clothespins (on his cock, nipples, etc.)
  • Light CBT (cock and ball torture) such as squeezing or slapping
  • Ballbusting - which is for guys that have a higher pain tolerance
  • Trampling - good for guys at all levels. Very fun if you have a foot fetish

8 Fun and Naughty Ideas To Improve Your Wife Led Marriage

4. Foot fetish

I think foot fetish play is a great thing to incorporate in your female led relationship.

Besides, what lady doesn't like to get her feet massaged anytime she wants?

There's so many things you can do with a foot fetish, including:

  • Footjobs
  • Foot worship (smelling, licking, sucking)
  • Making dirty socks for your man (great incentive to hit the gym hard!)

5. Establishing femdom rules

All female led relationships should have clear rules.

This helps to prevent crossing hard boundaries and also to ensure everyone has a lot of fun.

The rules can be as simple as "clean up around the house" to "you're going to stay locked in chastity 24/7".

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6. Cuckolding

Cuckolding isn't for everyone, but it is a ton of fun if you're willing to give it a try.

This requires a lot of trust between both partners. But cuckolding can be a ton of fun.

You can go on cuckold date nights together and have a really naughty night on the town.

I think one of the big thrills about cuckolding is just how naughty and kinky it is.

For the guy, you're basically watching another man fuck your wife.

And for the lady, you're "cheating" on your husband (which is incredibly hot).

Again it's not for everyone, but it is a ton of fun for those that partake.

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7. Sex toys

If you don't use sex toys in your bedroom, you're missing out big time!

If used properly, sex toys will make your sex life 10x more fun.

You don't have to have anything crazy.

Even handcuffs can make the bedroom a lot kinkier and exciting.

But for those that are interested, I would recommend the following sex toys in your bedroom:

  • Butt plugs (like the Lovense Hush)
  • A good vibrator or hitachi wand
  • Handcuffs
  • Whips or canes
  • Gags and blindfolds
  • Chastity cages


8. Tease and denial

If there's one complaint I have, it's that people don't engage in foreplay anymore.

I'm a big fan of foreplay. It just makes the sex so much better.

Well, a big tease and denial sessions will do just that as well.

Many people think a femdom relationship is all about pain and hitting someone.

However, a proper tease and denial can often be even more cruel!

It's such a thrill controlling your man's orgasm.

And for the guy, it's so hot being at the mercy of your woman...depending on her to bring you over the edge.

A good tease and denial session will get both of you in the mood real quick!

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