8 Chastity Rules To Enforce In Your Cuckold Marriage

Leading a chastity lifestyle has many benefits. The best thing is that you call the shots. Women are by far superior to men, right? :)

The rules and conditions of his chastity are up to you.

Men sometimes need rigid rules to dominate their day to day activities.

This way, it's easy to sculpt them into the ideal slave!

Here are some great male chastity rules to implement in your female led relationship.

Feel free to copy them for your own enjoyment.

1. Rules For Addressing You

Royalty should always be addressed in a proper fashion. Why should you be any different?

Your husband/boyfriend/slave should be beneath you. He should always refer to you by a proper "title."

Here are a few fun ones:

  • Mistress
  • Goddess
  • Princess
  • Your Highness
  • Master
  • Madam
  • Miss

Having a proper title signifies complete submission. Plus, it's always fun to see a grown man address you as "Goddess."

In addition to a sexy title, he should always address you properly with his body language.

He should almost always be on his knees in your presence.

When you come home from work or shopping, he should greet you at the door on his hands and knees.

When you're out of the shower, he should be there on all fours with a towel.

As soon as you wake up, he should be there with breakfast in hand!

A fun game is to lead him around in a dog lease at home.

He's not allowed to rise above your waist level! He's literally beneath you :)


2. He Must Wear The Proper Attire

Some ladies love their man/slave to be completely naked at home. Others like sissy play. In that case,a french maid outfit may be appropriate :)

Think about what you want him to wear (or not wear) at home. He should always be dressed to impress on the job!

Here are a few fun rules to implement:

-He is to wear your panties to work every single day. Pick out a nice frilly and silky pair. It'll be a big tease against his soft and swollen skin.

-If he pisses you off, order him to wear your bra and panties. Parade him around like a little sissy slut.

-Place a dog collar on his neck and lead him around the house. You can also place the leash on his chastity cage. It's really fun to lead him around by his cock and balls!

3. Toilet Seat Stays Down

This one is non-negotiable. The toilet seat MUST ALWAYS stay down!

It is really funny forcing him to sit to pee.

You're actually doing him a favor, because it's easier to pee in chastity sitting down!

If he doesn't like this rule, remind him who is boss.

Grab onto his locked up dick and shake it around. Tease it a little. He's not getting out if he can't follow a simple order like this :)

Also, make certain he knows that there should be absolutely no fucking pee on the seat. If there is he's in for quite the punishment!

8 Chastity Rules To Enforce In Your Cuckold Marriage

4. Length Of The Lockup

The length of the lockup is whatever you want it to be. In fact, it should always be in flux depending on your mood.

Had a crappy day at work? Stuck in traffic? Store ran out of the shoes you wanted?

Add another fucking day in chastity just because you want! You call the shots. This is your chastity marriage. You're the boss!

Don't be afraid to take days off chastity too.

Keeping him locked up is not always about permanent chastity.

Male chastity training can be a great tool to mold him into whatever you want. When he does something good (like doing the chores without being asked) reward him in some way.

Maybe you take a day off his sentence!

5. No Stroking Without Permission

This one is also a non-negotiable rule in a chastity marriage: he is not allowed to touch his dick/balls without your permission!

Once the cage comes on, he is 100% owned by you.

They're not his cock and balls anymore. They're your cock and balls!

You can do whatever you want to them. Maybe give him a little chastity tease and denial :)

He must always ask permission to touch himself...even if it's to use the bathroom or to clean himself in the shower.

Always make him beg to stroke. It's literally the funniest thing ever.

He'll be so desperate and horny. Begging always gets things wet downstairs!

6. All Orgasms Must Be Approved

Your slave will no longer be allowed to cum freely. All of his orgasms must be approved.

Really make him work for those orgasms too. Each one should be a highly sought after prize.

Make him take you to a fancy restaurant to wine and dine. Then a little shopping is in order.

After that, come home and he'll lick you to several orgasms. If he does a good job with all of that, then maybe...just maybe he'll get a chance to cum!

Also, all unsanctioned orgasms MUST be dealt with swift punishment! If you catch him in the act, be sure to ruin his orgasm. Then lock him up for another week!

7. You Come First

In this wife led marriage, you come first. In fact, he doesn't even have needs anymore. Your needs are his needs.

He should do whatever it takes to keep you happy. This means lots of foot rubs, sexy shopping trips, and nights out on the town.

He should completely derive pleasure from making you happy.

This should also be the case in the bedroom.

He's not allowed to cum. His pleasures will come from your mind blowing orgasms!

8. No Porn

No Porn at all. Nada!

The only woman he is allowed to look at is you! Don't give him much to look at though.

Wear a nice sweater around the house.

Don't show him your perfect ass. Hell, even put on a pair of socks to hide your sexy toes from his eyes!

All of these tactics will drive him bat crazy!

Setting rules is really important in chastity marriages (especially for beginners).

Try some of these out and see where things lead!