7 Important Rules For Your Cuckold Marriage

Bringing cuckolding into your marriage is a really big step. It takes a lot of trust for people to reach this level.

Cuckolding is a lot of fun.

There are so many things you can do to spice up a boring old vanilla sex life.

However, cuckolding must be carried out carefully to avoid conflict and confusion.

After all, communication is the most important thing in a cuckold marriage.

That's why it's important to establish certain ground rules for success in your cuckolding relationship.

Both the cuckold and the cuckoldress must be on the same page for this to work!

Here are 7 healthy rules for cuckold marriages:

1. Decide how far to go

Every cuckold marriage is different.

Some go all the way and have sex with another man.

For others it's just dating and kissing... and maybe oral sex.

This is incredibly important to establish for both partners.

Both spouses must discuss how far they're willing to go.

This avoids any confusion and complications down the line.

Be sure to be on the same page and don't pressure anyone to do anything.

Respecting boundaries is very, very important in a healthy cuckold marriage.

2. Mutual decision on bulls

As I have explained before, cuckolding is not the same thing as cheating.

Cheating involves sneaking behind someone's back.

Cuckolding is something else entirely.

It is a passionate experience for both spouses.

That's why it is important to set up a system to pick out bulls and lovers for the wife/cuckoldress.

In general, both couples should approve someone.

This means no dates, no kissing, no flirting, and definitely no sex unless both spouses explicitly agree to this.



3. Stop when the emotions get very high

With cuckolding, emotions can run very high.

This is especially true when all the endorphins and adrenaline are running through your body.

For the guy, sometimes cuckolding can take a toll on them mentally.

Of course, they know their wife loves them, but it fantasy can become "too real" (if that makes any sense at all).

If this happens stop for a bit and be sure to engage in aftercare.

This just means normal vanilla talk so he can "recover."

A good way to do this is just to cuddle in bed next to a warm fire!

4. Always use protection!

If you are going to play with strangers, please always use protection!

Playing with strangers is a lot of fun! It's an incredible thrill to take someone from the bar and have your husband watch as you two have sex.

However, don't be crazy and go bare back.

Always have a condom ready for these situations.

Cuckolding is great and fun, but it should always be practiced safely.

If you are going to have long-term partners/bulls/lovers, getting a STD test regularly is also a good idea.

5. No judgment

As with all fetishes, it is important to have no judgment.

This means no jokes, no teases, and definitely no judgment at all.

No one can help what they like (or don't like).

Don't try to overly force something.

Both partners should be ready to try something at least once.

If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but at least you tried it!


6. Accompany with dates or not?

A cuckold date night is can be an incredible night of fun.

In fact, I've written up a post of fun and sexy cuckold date night ideas.

A cuckold date can go in several directions.

You can chose to go solo with a potential lover.

In this case, it would be nice to periodically text with your husband, send him naught pictures, texts, and video!

Alternatively, you could bring him along on the date.

In this case, there might be some PDA or public humiliation.

No matter the case, you should discuss it prior to going out on the date.

7. Be discreet

So one thing that is on a lot of couples' minds is being discreet.

While a cuckold marriage is fun and all, it is still often looked down upon or thought of as weird by traditional couples.

This is something for you to discuss.

If you want to be discreet, that's fine.

If you want to be more explicit and open about it, then by all means do it.

If you're planning to be discreet, then it limits some of the cuckold date ideas.

Instead, you'll probably have to go to a different down or city to have some fun.

Alternatively, you can use vacations to get away and explore your cuckold fetish.

Regardless, being discreet or open about this fetish is incredibly important.

There's no right way to go about this and all marriages should pick the best path for you.


Final thoughts on cuckold rules for your marriage

It is very important to set the rules of cuckolding in a marriage.

This is to ensure no one is blindsided with anything unexpected.

It also ensures both spouses continue pushing each other, but also know when and where to stop.

Remember, if it's not fun you're not doing it right!