10 Things To Train Your Cuck To Be Good At

Here are 10 things to train your cuck to be good at!

A good cuck is hard to find these days.

Lots of men have a big "fantasy" of being a cuck, but not a lot of them are willing to invest the time and effort to really develop a cuck relationship.

A good cuck needs to have a certain set of skills to really please his wife.

Here are some things a cuck should be good at:

1. Eating pussy

A cuck's fucking skills really doesn't matter that much. In fact, he's probably locked away in chastity.

However, that doesn't mean he still can't please his wife. But instead of using his dick, he must use his mouth/tongue.

Eating pussy like a madman is the ultimate skill that a cuck should master.

If you want to be a cuck, you better start practicing your pussy eating skills ASAP!

As a cuck, you'll be eating her out to get her nice and ready for a real man's cock.

And after they have sex, you'll be cleaning up the mess. Pussy eating skills are absolutely essential.

The number one advice I can give you here is to follow her lead. Listen to her instructions, but also pay attention to her body movements and moans.

When you find a position or technique that really works, stick with that.


2. Sucking cock

A cuck should also practice his cock sucking skills. Most new cucks will have probably never sucked a cock before.

But as a man, you'll obviously know what feels good and what doesn't when it comes to receiving head.

A cuck should be able and willing to suck his wife's bull at any time.

For example, if she commands you to suck him off to get him hard for your wife, you'll do it without hesitation.

And after she's cum on his dick, you should be willing to suck on his cock to clean her juices off.

You NEVER want to embarrass your wife with subpar cock sucking skills or she might punish you!

3. Eating ass

Eating ass is a super important skill that cucks need to learn.

I'm betting many cucks have fantasied about eating ass at some point or another.

Eating ass is a very intimate part of the cuckolding experience.

Imagine this:

Your wife is getting drilled by her bull in bed.

You're watching from your knees like a good boy.

And then she asks you to come over and eat her ass while she's getting fucked. Now the pressure is on!

You don't want to drop the ball in an important moment like this.

Eat ass like a pro and she'll love you forever.

Also, ladies be sure to thoroughly wash your ass before asking your cuck to eat you for health/cleanliness reasons.


4. Cleaning

Cleaning is an important cuckold duty.

And I'm not just talking about cleaning creampies from your wife - although that is SUPER important.

I'm talking about cleaning around the house like a good maid!

A cuck should be doing pretty much all the chores of the house.

Your wife is busy living a life of luxury and being pampered. And you don't want her to do simple chores like this right?

A good cuck knows how to keep the house clean. No bull wants to fuck your wife in a pigsty.

5. Finding bulls

A good cuck will be ACTIVE in the hunt for bulls.

Sure, it's hot when your wife finds her own partners, but being proactive as a cuck is sexy too.

Your wife will very much appreciate the initiative you are putting forward!

Now you have to be careful when it comes to finding strangers to fuck your wife.

I know your dick is probably going off the charts crazy, but exercise some common sense as well.

Next time you're going about your daily life, keep your eyes peeled for guys that your wife might like.

You should have an idea of the kind of guys she usually goes after.

10 Things To Train Your Cuck To Be Good At

6. Cooking

Like I mentioned before, cucks should be doing all of the chores around the house.

And cooking is no different!

You don't have to be the best cook, but putting in the effort to learn and practice is important.

Learn what kind of dishes your wife (and her bulls for that matter) like and master them.

A cuck that cooks is sexy and not many of them can do it, so you can really set yourself apart in this manner.

7. Foot rubs

If have said this many times before, and I'll say it again...but a woman should NEVER date a guy without a foot fetish!

Giving your wife foot massages on a regular basis is important.

When she's out all day having fun, the one thing she needs is a lap to put her feet on and get a great massage.

Most guys don't really know how to give a great foot massage.

They don't know how to use their hands and knuckles and apply the right kind of pressure.

Even taking a massage class at a local school can really improve your skills!

stainless male cuck chastity cage


8. Making money

Good cucks can provide their wives with a good life.

Now I'm not saying you need to be banking millions a year and be able to fly her to the Caribbean every weekend.

But a good cuck can afford his wife a good life without much financial worry.

A good cuck can take his wife out to nice restaurants once in a while, buy her nice gifts, and really take care of her.

9. Buying presents

A good cuck should surprise his wife with presents all the time.

Now I'm not saying you need to buy her expensive jewelry or anything like that (although that would be nice!).

But buying her flowers out of the blue for no reason is nice and will make her feel appreciate.

And start taking notes mentally when you talk to her.

Is she complaining about her old purse? Get her a new one.

Did she mention she'd love to see some concert? Book tickets to the event.

Did she how she'd love to try some restaurant? Make some reservations!

Cucks that listen are sexy.


10. Obedient

Finally, one of the most important skills of a cuck is obedience. And this sounds rather obvious, but most cucks think with their dick.

They have it all backwards!

Cucks should think about their wives.

Their wife comes first.

What does she need? Will it make her happy?

A woman knows what she wants and it's up to you to follow her commands.

Good cucks obedient and follow orders without hesitation no matter what they are feeling at the moment.

10 things a cuck should be good at - final thoughts!

Overall, to be a good cuck, you need to wear a lot of hats.

However, if you master these skills your wife will be in love with your forever.

A good cuck is hard to find and these skills will really set you apart.

Readers, do you have anything that you think should be added to this list?

Let me know in the comments!