10 Rules Of The Cuckold Household

Rules are important for any household, but particularly in the female led household.

Rules and laws must be established in order to have.....well order!

And this is super important in a female led household. Men need to be controlled often.

They need to be told what to do and how to do it. 

So having rules around the house that are black and white is important.

Rules not only ensure that things get done...but they also serve another important purpose: handing out punishments!

And sometimes it's just fun punish him even when he didn't break the rules, "just because" :)

Of course rules will differ from couple to couple, but here are a few ideas to help you get started...

1. Chastity should be enforced at all times

Chastity should be an important part of any female led relationship.

It helps keep a man focused. 

Chastity helps a man serve and please his woman better. 

And as a result, chastity should be used in the marriage.

Maybe not 24/7, but it should be used to train a man. He'll never be more obedient when his dick is locked up!

In fact, men should have to earn their orgasms from chastity.

Chastity doesn't just help a man care for his wife better, but it also helps:

  • Keep him focused at work (no more day dreaming and wasting time)
  • Give him A LOT more energy
  • More strength to hit the gym (and thus lose weight)


2. The man does the chores

The man should do the chores around the house.

This includes the dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, taking out the garbage and anything else that needs to be done. 

As a man (and slave) it's your job to ensure that your wife is taken care of in every single manner. 

She shouldn't have to lift a finger at all!

After all, a man should be capable of taking care of his wife in any way.

3. She comes first...ALWAYS!

Your wife comes first (no pun intended)! 

Drill that into your brain. 

And I'm not just talking about the bedroom :)

Her wants are your wants

Her needs are your needs

Do whatever it takes to keep her happy. Happy wife, happy life!

Remember, before you do anything you should ask yourself one important question:

Is this making her life better?

If not, then you better correct your action and quick!

stainless male cuck chastity cage


4. Toilet seat stays down!

Many of you already know this...but always keep the toilet seat down!

Your wife shouldn't have to do any extra work putting the toilet seat down whenever she needs to go.

And in case any of you do this...there is a special place in hell for men who don't lift the toilet seat when they pee.

Oh and the toilet seat issue is another reason why chastity is a great option for your marriage!

One of the unintended benefits of chastity is it forces him to pee sitting down. Just one less thing to worry about!

5. Orgasms MUST be earned, not given

I have already written a blog post about this...BUT as a man, orgasms must be earned, not given.

What does this mean? 

It means you'll only get a release when you do something to make her happy.

Maybe it's cooking dinner or maybe it's pleasing her in the bedroom or buying her a nice surprise gift. 

But orgasms should never just be given. They must be earned.

And this ensures you do stuff outside the bedroom to make her happy. 

10 Rules Of The Cuckold Household

6. Rewards and punishments are a given

As with all rules, following them should be awarded some type of reward.

Similarly, breaking the rules should result in some sort of punishment.

It would be helpful to keep a list of rewards and punishments so he knows exactly what he is working towards...or what awaits him if he is disobedient!

A reward and punishment system is great in a female led relationship because it molds his behavior and turns him into the perfect husband.

7. Cucks get fake pussy

Are you in a loving cuckold marriage?

Well chances are you're probably having sex a lot less often now.

But that doesn't mean your husband shouldn't get to enjoy pussy every now and then.

In fact, it's often a good reward for him!

...BUT the pussy he gets these days probably isn't the real thing.

In fact, it's probably a fake pussy!

But that's okay because there are a ton of different fake pussies out there.

My favorite one out there is the Lovense Max.

Feels almost like the real thing and it has a lot of really cool features. And it serves as a good reward when he has been obedient!


8. No porn

Some couples may disagree with this, but I think porn has no place in a marriage.

If you have an active and great sex life, there's really no need for porn.

That's why your husband should cut porn out at all times.

Porn just distracts him. Most of it is just a fantasy that is never lived out.

And these days, lots of porn scenes are "constructed" in a studio and aren't representative of what sex really is.

And watching too much porn just distorts the expectations you have.

As a result, no more porn at all!

9. Prostate orgasms are necessary

Prostate orgasms should be absolutely necessary in a female led marriage.

And this rule serves two purposes.

First, massaging the prostate is very healthy for a man.

In fact, it can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer (one of the most common types of cancer for men).

Secondly, a prostate orgasm is a very fun and humiliating way to make him cum.

In fact, most men really learn to enjoy it oddly enough!

If you want a super amazing sex toy to do just this, get the Lovense Edge!

10 Rules Of The Female Led relationship

10. Massages are mandatory at all times

Part of having a caring husband take care of you is getting massages all the time.

That's why I always recommend dating a man who has a foot fetish. Foot massages whenever you want!

But beyond foot massages, a good slave husband will offer all types of massages whenever you want.

It doesn't matter if it's a back massage, head massage, or foot massage. He'll do any of them for you at any time.

Just snap your fingers and consider it done!


Rules of the cuckold household - Final Thoughts!

Overall, if you're running a female led relationship, having rules is super important.

It increases communication among both partners and it makes things a lot more fun.

Obviously you don't have to have all of these rules in your relationship. Instead, this was meant to serve as a starter's guide.

Readers, do you have anything you think that should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments!