10 Reasons Why You Need A Cuckold Marriage

Here are 10 why you need a cuckold marriage!

If you haven't considered cuckolding in your marriage you're missing out big time!

Cuckolding opens up a marriage/relationship to a ton of new possibilities.

There a lot of fun cuckold games to play, so many role playing opportunities, and a new appreciation for each other.

Maybe you're on the fence over this. Maybe you're thinking someone along the lines of "Yes, I want my wife to cuckold me!"

Well, you're in the right place.

So, what exactly is cuckolding?

Well cuckolding is just a man with a wife/girlfriend that sleeps with other guys. Simple as that.

Now cuckolding isn't exactly cheating because both parties mutually agree to this.

Here's why you should consider a cuckold marriage:

1. It isn't cheating

Like I said before, cuckolding isn't cheating.

A key rule of cuckolding is there should be a mutual understanding.

This means the woman shouldn't have sex with another guy or even go out on a date with anyone else unless you both agree to it.

In contrast, cheating is when you sneak behind your partner's back.

I do not condone cheating and it's something horrible to do.

Cuckolding is not cheating.

In fact, it's something more intimate and it's a very sexy fetish to explore.

2. Your husband will love you more

Cuckolding will make your husband love you more.

Yep! You love that right. Like I always say, chastity and cuckolding can save any marriage from destruction!

There is a certain intimate element of cuckolding.

You start to miss your partner even more after the deed is done.

And it's natural for many guys to start appreciating their wives more after being cuckolded.

Give it a try and see what happens. Being a hotwife is a VERY interesting experience.

I'm sure you'll be surprised by the results :)


3. It's fucking kinky

What could be more kinky than cuckolding?

It's so naughty to watch another man fuck your wife.

It's so freaking hot to have your husband kneel down while another man fucks you.

Cuckolding opens up another world of fun filled with chastity and female led relationships.

It'll transform your sex life in ways you can't even imagine.

After experiencing a cuckold marriage, you'll never go back to the old thing again!

4. Explore sexual partners

Another great benefit of cuckolding is it allows you to explore other sexual partners while your man is faithful. Isn't that kinky?

The best part is, he actually gets off at this.

The denial is part of the fetish...not being able to fuck you is actually something he craves :)

5. He can't fuck you in chastity

I'm a big supporter of chastity in female led relationships.

However, when your man is locked in chastity, he can't fuck you.

Sure, you can use sex toys, dildos, or even his tongue.

However, sometimes a girl needs a real cock!

You haven't had true sex until you fucked a lover with your husband watching in chastity.

The experience is truly out of this world!

6. It's very intimate

Cuckolding is a lot more intimate than people realize.

It builds a lot of trust between spouses and really strengthens a marriage.

It also helps open the lines of communication.

And it's very intimate when you can see your partner experience so much pleasure in new cuckold sex positions!

7. The control and power is exhilarating

If you're a big control freak, you'll never want to do anything else after cuckold sex!

The power exchange in this fetish is beyond anything you will ever experience.

While you can sleep around, your husband remains faithful.

There's nothing sexier than controlling another person's sex life!

8. Takes date night to another level!

Tired of old date nights that just consist of dinner and a movie?

Well, a cuckold date night is a different story!

Go out on a date with your lover in public and have your husband be the chauffeur.

If he's a good boy, let him actually sit at the table while the two of you flirt.

Cuckolding is also a great way to engage in some public play/humiliation if you're into that.

There's nothing sexier than having your cuckold husband be on lookout duty so you can fuck another guy in the janitor's closet!


9. Great for humiliation

Lots of guys have a humiliation fetish, especially if they are submissive.

Nothing is more humiliating (in a good way) than being  lowly cuckold husband.

It'll get his little dick rock hard in chastity.

Cuckold humiliation is one of the best parts in any female led relationship!

10. Boosts confidence

Cuckolding will actually boost your confidence significantly!

There's nothing that will make you more confidant from taking charge of your sex life.

And it's very exhilarating as well.

You'll be a new and better person after the cuckold experience!

So, what are you waiting for? A cuckold marriage is one of the best things you can do in your relationship.

In fact, I'd wager a crap ton of money that cuckold marriages last WAY longer than traditional marriages!

Once you try this bold and exciting fetish, your sex life will never be the same :)