10 Cruel Ruined Orgasm Games To Try On Your Cuckold Husband

Ruined orgasms are the ultimate torture for your cuck. 

He has finally earned the privilege to orgasm, but then you take that away by making it the most frustrating orgasm ever!

What could be more funny?

This should be a staple activity for many wife led marriages. You finally endure a long tease and denial session only for it to be for nothing!

There are so many ways to ruin a male orgasm.

You can use your hands, feet, and mouth to provide that excruciating post-orgasm torture!

Here are 10 exciting ruined orgasm games you need to try in the bedroom right away!

1. Rub into your palm

The most basic way to ruin a male orgasm is to rub his head into your palm right as he comes.

To perfect this technique, hold the base of his cock with one hand.

Then spread your palm over his head and rub it around in circles.

You can also rub it around back and forth. This will create a ton of friction on his head.

Tip: make sure the head is will lubricated. Sometimes you can "dry" out his cum and you might cause an Indian burn on his cock.

2. Rub into your foot

This one is for all the guys with a foot fetish out there. When he is coming grab your foot and rub the head of his cock against your sole.

This is kind of like the palm rubbing technique, just with your foot.

Also, another fun way to change this up is to use your toes.

Rub from the heel of your foot all the way to your toes. Do this a feel times and he'll never want another orgasm!



3. Keep fucking 

This is a really fun ruined orgasm game.

What you want to do is give him a little Viagra before you have sex.

Also, be sure to tie him down if he tends to squirm.

What you want to do is bring him to orgasm, but keep fucking him (in cowgirl) even after he comes.

This is the ultimate torture and will ruin any pleasurable feeling of his orgasm!

4. Punch him in the balls

Another easy way to ruin an orgasm is through pain.

Remove all stimulation from his cock as soon as he reaches orgasm.

Then, start alternating punches (or slaps) on his balls.

This is really funny to watch from the sidelines. His facial expressions will be gold!

10 Cruel Ruined Orgasm Games To Try On Your Cuckold Husband

5. Remove all stimulation

This is a really "nice" way to ruin an orgasm.

Just remove all stimulation right before he orgasms!

This might take a few tries to get right.

You kind of have to read his body language. What you want to do is remove stimulation a few stokes before he blows it.

What will happen is his dick will bounce around and he'll spontaneously cum a few seconds later.

The cum will sort of dribble out like a leaky faucet.

6. Multiple orgasms

In my opinion, one of the best ways to give a ruined orgasm is to simply give him another orgasm!

After his first initial orgasm, the second one will be a lot more "painful" and certainly a lot less pleasurable.

It will be fun to watch him squirm!

I would highly recommend tying him down to the bed so he doesn't flap around too much!

7. Squeeze balls as he's coming

This is a easy technique for beginners. Simply squeeze his balls while he's midway through his orgasm.

Be careful and not to squeeze too tightly to cause injury/harm.

His cock should bounce around a little bit as the cum dribbles out.

It is quite the sight to hear him scream in frustration!

8. Keep blowing him

This is for the blowjob addicts out there.

If your man really loves blowjobs, I would highly recommend using this technique.

Make him explode in your mouth.

When his dick is sensitive post-orgasm, hold his dick straight up. Then rub it vigorously against the tip of your tongue.

This should send shivers down his spine!

9. Bite his head

This is another fun game for blowjob lovers.

Instead of ruining his orgasm with your tongue, give him a little post orgasm torture with your teeth.

Sink your teeth into the head of his cock. Don't bite down too hard, just enough to make it uncomfortable!

10. Dig nails into him

For beginners, this is a great technique to use.

Dig your nails into his cock/balls as he is coming. Just be sure to remove all stimulation before you do this!

He should grunt out in pain as you ruin his orgasm!